The New Human Rights Movement: Reinventing the Economy to End Oppression

The New Human Rights MovementAfter almost a decade of research and activism, Peter Joseph [founder of The Zeitgeist Movement] is proud to announce the prerelease of his new literary work, The New Human Rights Movement.

Published by BenBella Books, this text gives a detailed analysis of the oppressive and unsustainable state of affairs we endure today. More importantly, it proposes the critical steps needed to change course before ecological and social instability become irreversible. At about 120,000 words, including over 800 sources/footnotes, the thoroughness of this work is extensive.

For those interested, you can preorder this important book now. While the release is still months away, your preorder will help the work’s promotional metrics, leading to a stronger release and more media attention. Given the deep saturation of the book market today, this work needs your support if we hope to see these perspectives and ideas ever engaged in the mainstream.

Help make this book a “bestseller” which will make this conversation visible.

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